I am a qualified carpenter from Latvia and wish to work in Norway. How do I go about it?

Where do I pay tax?

Answer: You pay tax in the municipality you first lived in or took up residence in after moving to Norway.

How do I get a tax deduction card?

Answer: You need to visit a tax office which performs identity checks to obtain a tax deduction card. You must bring your passport or national ID card containing a photograph and indicating nationality and gender. You  must also document that you need a tax deduction card, for example with a contract of employment or written offer of work.

See which tax offices can you visit.

How much tax must I pay?

Answer: The table below shows examples of approximately how much tax you must pay in Norway in 2012. Income includes both employment income and other benefits such as board and lodging.

Tax when staying in Norway:

Income in NOK 0-30 days 31-60 days 60-90 days
10 000 342 0 0
20 000 2 158 796 0
40 000 7 298  4 417  2 749
60 000 18 643 14 037 11 155

Can I commute between work in Norway and residence in an EU/EEA country and receive a tax deduction for travel expenses?

Answer: Yes, if you have a spouse or children in your home country. If you are single, you can also receive a tax deduction in certain cases, depending on the type of housing you have and how often you travel home. A person receiving a 10 per cent standard tax deduction for foreign employees in their assessment cannot also claim a deduction for costs of home visits.