What other documentation needs to be attached?

A copy of a valid passport or national ID card must be attached.

In cases where the national ID card does not include information about the bearers gender (as is the case in Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries), other official documentary evidence of gender must be produced, e.g. birth certificate.

Citizens of the Nordic countries may alternatively attach a copy of a valid driving license together with an extract from the national identity register in their home country, showing nationality and gender. The extract must be signed and stamped and no more than three months old.

The copy must be a certified genuine copy by a Norwegian public authority including a tax office, the police, the Labour and Welfare Service (NAV), the Brønnøysund registers, a Norwegian foreign service mission, a public notary in or outside Norway, a district court, the police in another Nordic country, a Norwegian authorised accountant, a Norwegian solicitor, a Norwegian estate agent, a Norwegian authorised or state authorised public accountant.

Norwegian banks and insurance companies can also certify copies as genuine.

Minimum documentary requirements:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Photo
  • Gender 
  • Nationality

In addition to your ID-document, you must bring along a contract of employment, written job offer or documentation from a Norwegian-registered business enterprise.