Who can requisition a D-number?

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A D-number cannot be ordered (requisitioned) by private individuals, educational establishments, employers or organisations. If you need a D-number, you must contact an approved requisitioner based on your needs.

A D number can only be ordered by these requisitioners:

  • The tax office - in connection with paying tax and national insurance contributions. The tax office cannot order D-numbers for other purposes. You need to appear in person at one of these tax offices to apply for a tax deduction card if you are not registered in the National Registry with a Norwegian personal identity number. There are certain exemptions from the requirement to appear in person.
  • The Central Office for Foreign Tax Affairs - when a foreign worker is working in Norway for a foreign company and is exempted from appearing in person for identity check.
  • The Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) - for EEA jobseekers and persons receiving benefits from the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.
  • Banks, financial institutions and insurance companies - for opening accounts with a Norwegian bank or other financial institutions
  • Norwegian Central Securities Depository - concerning opening an account for financial trading of securities.
  • The Brønnøysund Register Centre - for registration in the Register of Business Enterprises, the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities or the Register of Mortgaged Movable Property
  • The Norwegian Mapping Authority - as the land registry authority for the registration of real estate
  • The Norwegian Health Economics Administration (Helfo) - for asylum seekers and NATO personnel entitled to register with a regular GP ("fastlege").
  • The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, The Police Immigration Service and the Immigration Appeals Board - for asylum seekers at the time of applying for asylum.

Where to send the requisition?

A fully completed Requisition of D number RF-1450 form must be sent in duplicate by the requisitioner with an attached certified copy of proof of identity to:

Skatt Nord Hammerfest
Postboks 200 sentrum
9615 Hammerfest

What documentation needs to be attached?

A copy of a valid passport or national ID card must be attached.

In cases where the national ID card does not include information about the person's gender (as is the case in Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries), other official documentary evidence of gender must be produced, e.g. birth certificate.

Citizens of the Nordic countries may alternatively attach a copy of a valid driving license together with an extract from the national identity register in their home country, showing nationality and gender. The extract must be signed and stamped and no more than three months old.

Minimum documentary requirements:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Photo
  • Gender
  • Nationality

Format of the D- number

The D-number is an 11 digit number which is, together with your name, used to identify you.

  • The first six digits represent the date of birth in the order date, month and year. 4 is added to the first digit.
  • The next three digits are an individual number, where the third digit indicates gender – even numbers for women and odd numbers for men.
  • The last two digits are check digits.
  • The last five digits of the D number constitute the personal number.


A person born on 17.10.1961 is assigned a D number 57 10 61 + individual number and check digits (the personal number).




Individual number

Check digits







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