Information for foreign employees: About tax, tax deduction cards and tax returns

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This brochure contains information intended for those who work in Norway for a Norwegian employer. It contains information that you will need when working in Norway.

If you are coming to Norway to work for a Norwegian employer, you must pay tax in Norway on all your earnings in Norway. After you have arrived in Norway, you must contact the tax office or Service Centre for foreign workers in order to obtain a tax deduction card.


Where does the pre-entered information in the tax return come from?

The Norwegian Tax Administration receives information from a number of sources. Employers are the most important source. They are obliged to deduct tax, pay it and provide information to the Tax Administration.

After the end of the income year (calendar year), your employer must send a statement to you detailing your pay and tax deducted in the income year.

Banks are also obliged to provide information.

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