Information for foreign employees: About tax, tax deduction cards and tax returns

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This brochure contains information intended for those who work in Norway for a Norwegian employer. It contains information that you will need when working in Norway.

If you are coming to Norway to work for a Norwegian employer, you must pay tax in Norway on all your earnings in Norway. After you have arrived in Norway, you must contact the tax office or Service Centre for foreign workers in order to obtain a tax deduction card.


What do I do when I receive my tax return?

You must check that the pre-entered information is correct. If the information contains errors or information is lacking, you must change the tax return for income and wealth tax. 

If you have changes to the pre-entered information, you must fill in the amounts you believe to be correct and submit the tax return for income and wealth tax by 30 April at the latest. 

Please remember that you must enter the standard deduction for foreign employees or a deduction for expenses relating to living away from your home abroad (commuter deduction) in your tax return for income and wealth tax. You should also give information about how long you have stayed in Norway during the income year.

If you have no changes to make to the pre-completed tax return for income and wealth tax, you do not have to submit it. In such case, you are deemed to have submitted the tax return for income and wealth tax with the pre-entered information.

If you have received a provisional tax assessment together with your tax return for income and wealth tax that shows that you have paid too little tax, you can avoid paying interest on the outstanding tax if you pay it by 31 May. You will find information about account number and KID number for additional advance tax payment on your tax return. Please note that, if you change the income or deduction amounts in your tax return for income and wealth tax, the total amount of tax will also change.

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