Information for foreign employees: About tax, tax deduction cards and tax returns

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This brochure contains information intended for those who work in Norway for a Norwegian employer. It contains information that you will need when working in Norway.

If you are coming to Norway to work for a Norwegian employer, you must pay tax in Norway on all your earnings in Norway. After you have arrived in Norway, you must contact the tax office or Service Centre for foreign workers in order to obtain a tax deduction card.


Tax settlement notice

When your tax has been calculated, you will receive a tax assessment. This assessment contains details of the income on which the tax calculations are based and the employer’s tax deductions, and states whether too much or too little tax has been paid.

You will receive your tax assessment as soon as your tax has been calculated during the period June - October.

If you believe that your income tax has been calculated using the wrong information, you can correct the information in the tax return yourself. You will then receive a replacement tax calculation and be reimbursed for any overpaid tax.

If you have paid too little tax, you must pay the outstanding amount by the deadline stated on the payment slip, which will be sent to you with your tax settlement notice. You must pay by the deadline even if you corrected the information concerning incomes and/or deductions in the tax return. If you pay too late, penalty interest will be added to the amount. If you do not pay the tax, the authorities will pursue the matter and order your employer to make deductions from your salary if you are still working in Norway. If you have assets in Norway, the authorities may seize these. The Norwegian authorities also receive assistance from foreign authorities when collecting amounts that have not been paid.

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