How is the tax withholding decided?

If you have filled in the form ‘Application for a tax deduction card for foreign citizens’ -RF-1209, your tax withholding will be calculated on the basis of the information you provided in the form. Otherwise, the tax authorities must stipulate the tax withholding on the basis of the information available, or estimate what the amount should be. The tax rates for the individual year are decided by the Norwegian parliament, the Storting.

Employees are usually given a table-based tax deduction card. If you claim the standard deduction for foreign employees, you will be issued specially prepared tables in which this deduction has been taken into account. They are numbered 7300 or higher.

A percentage-based card is issued if a table-based card would not result in the correct tax deduction. Your employer will in such case calculate the tax withholding at the percentage rate stated.

Your employer can apply for a tax deduction card on your behalf.