What rights do I have?

  • The tax authorities are obliged to provide guidance in connection with the completion of forms and about the rules that apply to you.
  • You can request to see case documents concerning your tax assessment.
  • You can appoint someone else to represent yourself by giving him/her a power of attorney in writing. 
  • If there are any errors in the amounts in the tax return, you can correct the tax return yourself.
  • If the tax authorities are considering changing amounts you have entered in your tax return, they must give you notice of this and set a deadline for you to respond. If you disagree with the proposed amendments, you have to respond to the tax authorities and explain why you disagree. The tax authoritiesassesses and decides what to base the tax assessment on. You will always get a written notification if the tax asssessment is changed. If there is no change, you will be notified about that.