Tax offices for ID validation

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Are you a foreign worker requiring a D-number in order to obtain a tax deduction card, or are you moving to Norway? Here you can see the tax offices you may contact.

Foreign workers are required to obtain a D-number in order to be issued with a tax deduction card. All persons requiring a D-number are required to appear in person at a tax office and present valid proof of identity.

If you are moving to Norway, you must appear in person at a tax office and present valid proof of your identity. This also applies to Norwegian nationals who move back to Norway from abroad. All family members must appear in person at the tax office if you move to Norway with your family.

You can have your ID validated at:

Tax Norway East:
OsloSandvika (Bærum)Lillestrøm (Skedsmo)GrålumGjøvikHamarTynset and Leira (Thursdays 9:00-14:30)

Tax Norway South:
DrammenKristiansandSkienTønsbergLyngdal and Grimstad

Tax Norway West:  
FørdeLeikangerBergenHaugesundEgersund (Eigersund)StavangerNordfjordeid (Eid) and Norheimsund

Tax Norway Middle-Norway: 
Trondheim, ÅlesundKristiansundNamsosSteinkjerMolde and Ulstein (Wednesday)

Tax Norway North:
Kirkenes (Sør-Varanger)HammerfestAltaTromsøHarstadBodøMo i Rana (Rana)LeknesVadsøSortlandNarvikSandnessjøen (Wednesdays, for appointment call +47 75 06 36 70. ) and Svalbard.

Servicesenter for utenlandske arbeidstakere - Service Centre for Foreign Workers:

OsloStavangerBergenTrondheim and Kirkenes.

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