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You must do the following in order to work in Norway:

You must apply for a tax deduction card

To apply for a tax deduction card, you must meet in person at one of these tax offices and take with you:

  • Valid ID document: Passport or national ID card containing a photograph of you and stating your citizenship and gender. If the ID card does not state your gender, you must also have a birth certificate or other documentation which states your gender.
  • Completed application for a tax deduction card using form RF-1209 Application for tax deduction card for foreign citizens. Remember to include the employment contract or written offer of employment. This form is also available at the tax office.
  • Employment contract or written offer of employment. If you work for a staffing agency, you must also have confirmation of assignment.

Different rules apply to foreign artists, offshore workers and people working on NIS/NOR ships.

You will be given a D number

You must have a D number if you will be staying in Norway for less than six months. You will find your D number on your tax notice, which you will receive in the post after you have applied for a tax deduction card.

Your employer will need your D number, which is your Norwegian identity number. You will also need this number as personal identification in many situations.

Update us on where you live

You must tell the Norwegian Tax Administration where you are living, even after you have left Norway. You are responsible that the Norwegian Tax Administration has the correct address information for you.

Government agencies in Norway use the address that is registered in the National Registry to send post to you. If the address is incorrect, you may miss important information, such as if you have paid too much tax.

Sign up as an electronic user

The Norwegian Tax Administration communicates electronically with its users. There are many benefits of being an electronic user.

How to become an electronic user.

Visit skatteetaten.no if you still have any questions. You can also telephone 800 80 000, or +47 22 07 70 00 from abroad. 

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