What is an electronic tax deduction card?

In 2014 The Tax Administration introduced electronic tax deduction cards. You do not need to submit a tax deduction card to your employer.

How the electronic tax deduction card works:

  • You will no longer receive a tax deduction card on paper.
  • In December, we send you information about your tax deduction card (your tax notice). There, you will find information about the basis for calculating your tax deduction. Check that this basis is correct. If you are a registered electronic user, you will receive the letter electronically in your message box in Altinn.
  • You do not need to submit anything to your employer. Employers obtain your tax deduction card electronically.
  • If the basis for your tax deduction card is incorrect, you can amend the tax deduction card.
  • If you amend your tax deduction card during the year, your employers will be notified, so that they always have access to your most recent tax deduction card.