Tax calculation


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In the tax calculation, you enter your estimated income and deductions for the income.

  • The tax calculation does not take account of whether you have pay, pension, other income or assets that are taxable both in Norway and abroad.
  • The tax calculation does not take account of whether you have tax deduction for disability after the transitional rules. 
  • Remember that the tax return for income and wealth tax year 2017 is for submission in 2018. You therefore have to calculate the tax for 2017 if you want to submit this on your tax return for 2018.
  • The tax calculator does not support the IPS scheme. You will therefore not be able to calculate full tax deduction if you deposit NOK 40,000 on item 3.3.5 for IPS.

  • It should be noted that this is an estimate. The tax calculation in your tax assessment will be correct.

If you are under 17 or over 69 in 2017 and you calculate your tax for 2015 or 2016, the calculator will calculate the wrong answer. This is because the calculator is based on your age in 2017 and uses this age when calculating the tax for 2015 and 2016. The calculator will therefore produce the wrong answer for people who reach the age limits for the calculation of National Insurance contributions and the Finnmark allowance.

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