Tax when something occurs in your life

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Often when your life changes, your tax will also change. A change in family situation, residence, work and education will influence the deductions you are entitled to, as well as the tax percentage. 

The tax deduction card/tax notice is generated based on information which can be up to two years old. Check your tax deduction card to make sure too much or too little tax is not being deducted.


Have you incurred childminding expenses?

Have you become a single parent?

Have you become a cohabiting partner or got married or divorced?

Have you become a widow or widower?


Have you got a job or changed job?


Have you sold or bought housing?

Are you letting housing?


Tax rules for pensioners - different ways of drawing a pension.

Have you become a full-time pensioner?

Have you switched from a surviving spouse's pension to an old-age pension?

  • If you have switched from a surviving spouse’s pension to an old-age pension, you must remember to update your tax deduction card if your income has changed. Surviving spouse’s pension is paid monthly until the surviving spouse starts drawing an old-age pension. The pension will be reduced against income and will cease if the surviving spouse remarries.

Have you switched from disability pension to an old-age pension?

Have you become a pensioner but are continuing to work at the same time?

  • You can continue working while you are receiving an old-age pension, without any reduction in your pension. If your income changes, you must remember to update your tax deduction card so that you do not end up with underpaid tax.

Have you started drawing an early retirement pension (AFP)?

Disability benefit

Have you become disabled?

Don't pay too much tax – check your tax deduction card.

Have you bought a home, taken up a loan, changed jobs, changed pay, lost your job, retired and become a pensioner, or experienced other changes in life that affect your finances? 

Then it's a good idea to check your tax deduction card so you don't pay too much tax.

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