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Here you can log in and search the tax lists for the 2016 income year. You can also see who has searched for and viewed your information.

You can see who has searched for you.

From the 2013 income year onwards, the Norwegian Parliament has decided that logs must be kept of who performs searches in the tax lists.

This will enable you to find out who has searched for you in the tax lists. When you have logged in to search the tax lists, there is a separate tab where you can view statistics concerning who has searched for you. You can see the name, year of birth, postcode and postal town of a person who has searched for you. The list of who has searched for and viewed your information is updated hourly.

There is a 16-year age limit for searches in the tax lists.

You can view tax assessment information for up to 500 people per month. 

End of searches via online newspapers

The possibility of searching tax lists via online newspapers ceased with effect from 2011. The Parliament introduced this restriction. The aim is to prevent the information from being used for commercial purposes. However, the Directorate of Taxes cannot compel the press to delete tax lists from previous years. The quality of these lists will inevitably deteriorate as they become older. 

The press may still receive tax lists for the purposes of journalism, but it must then sign an agreement which regulates the use of such lists. By signing the agreement, the press undertakes to not to publish online or disclose to others any part of a tax list. However, the press can still refer to private individuals in newspaper articles and publish 'rich lists'.

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