What information do the tax lists contain?

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Tax lists are published at skatteetaten.no during the autumn, after the processing of all tax settlements has been completed.

The tax lists will remain available at skatteetaten.no for a period of one year after they are published in connection with the tax settlements in October.

These tax lists contain the following information:

  • taxpayer's name:
  • postcode
  • postal town
  • year of birth (organisation number for companies)
  • net capital
  • net income (general income before special allowances)
  • calculated tax

You cannot opt out of the tax list. This applies to both the tax lists published at skatteetaten.no and the tax lists that are distributed to the press.

The tax lists for individuals do not contain:

  • information on anyone with a blocked address pursuant to the National Registry Act
  • information on anyone where the inclusion of information could reveal a client relationship
  • information on anyone aged 17 or under at the end of the income year
  • information on anyone without a permanent residence
  • information on deceased people

The rules concerning distribution to the press are set out in skatteforvaltningsloven § 9-7.

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