General information concerning payments

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If you paid too little tax last year, your tax assessment notice for this year will show underpaid tax or a "demand for back tax". You are responsible for paying any underpaid tax on time, in the right amount and to the right tax authority.

As a user of electronic services, you will receive in Altinn an invoice for unpaid tax and other payment information. This will be sent with sufficient time before the payment deadline. If you are not registered to use electronic services, you will receive an invoice, including payment information, in the post. Please contact us if you do not receive an invoice, or if you need more information about payment.

Contact the tax collector's office if the payment concerns:

  • tax
  • employer's contributions

Contact your tax office if your payment concerns:

  • value added tax

Create a KID number  

Create a KID-number here for paying underpaid tax 


Have you registered the correct address?

Remember that if you move you must notify the National Registry and/or the Register of Legal Entities ( to ensure that the invoice is sent to the correct address (your address according to the National Registry).

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