How to avoid paying interest on underpaid tax

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Everyone who knows they paid too little tax last year, can pay extra tax by 31 May and avoid having to pay interest on their underpaid tax.

What to do:

Use your account number and KID number, which you will find in your tax return.

  • If you did not make any changes to your tax return, you will find the amount you owe on the next page.
  • If you made any changes to your tax return which could affect the final outcome, you can use the tax calculation program to calculate the amount.

The deadline for paying underpaid tax will not be affected if your tax return deadline is deferred, if you applied for deferral. Payment after the deadline will not be taken into account in the final tax settlement.

If you have paid too much underpaid tax, interest will be added to the amount repaid. The interest rate is 0.38 per cent per year, calculated from July 1st in the income year until you receive your tax settlement notice in the following tax year.

See current rates for underpaid tax

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