Why have I not received my tax assessment notice?

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We are unfortunately unable to give you a specific date on which you will receive your notice, either via the tax office or by telephone to us. 

If you are owed money, you will normally receive it in your account within three weeks after the date stated on your tax assessment notice.  

The first tax settlement is ready on 22 June. The next settlement will be on 2 August. Settlements will then be completed on an ongoing basis through until 25 October. 

Possible reasons why you have not yet received your tax assessment notice:

  • You are registered under the wrong contact details and have therefore not received a notice. Check your contact details at norge.no/en.
  • You are self-employed or married to a self-employed person. This also applies to self-employed persons who are registered users of online services. This group of people will receive their tax assessment notice no earlier than 3 August.
  • You are a wage earner/pensioner and submitted your tax return on paper. You will receive your tax assessment notice no earlier than 2 August.
  • You are a wage earner/pensioner who has applied to submit your tax return later.
  • You have made use of the submission exemption arrangement (tacit acceptance), but also submitted attachments to your tax return on paper.
  • Married couples will also not receive their tax assessment notice until both their tax returns have been processed.
  • You have not provided any residential information in your tax return. You can check and correct this information yourself by sending form RF-1282. You will receive your tax assessment at the end of October.
  • You pay your tax at source or are a Svalbard taxpayer, SFU taxpayer or non-personal taxpayer (e.g. a limited company) and will receive your settlement in the normal way at the end: 25 October.
  • Your tax return has been selected for checking. The Tax Administration carries out random checks and tax returns selected for checking in this way are therefore chosen randomly.

At a very general level, the more complicated your tax return is and the more attachments you have, the longer it will take to process it.

Tax returns are processed on an ongoing basis by the tax offices. They will send out the notices on an ongoing basis between 2 August and 25 October as soon as they are ready.


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