Why is there a difference between the credit amount and the amount I have received in my account?

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Is there a difference between the credit amount stated on the tax assessment notice and the amount you have been paid? 

If so, the tax collector may have offset the amounts involved.

 This is a settlement method whereby two claims are offset against each other.

 If you:

  • owe tax or interest on overdue payments for previous years, or
  • owe tax to other municipalities, or
  • have paid maintenance debts, value added tax, inheritance tax, property tax, or
  • have other outstanding amounts owed to a public or local authority, e.g. fines or municipal taxes

the tac collector or Tax Administration will be able to reclaim the amounts concerned by offsetting them against outstanding payments, e.g. tax credit amounts. You will then receive a letter from the tax collector showing the amounts that have been reclaimed through offsetting.

If you have any questions concerning this, contact the tax collector in the municipality you pay tax to. 

The tax collector will answer any questions you may have concerning offsetting and they will also be able to tell you about the claims that have been offset and who made the claim.

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