De-registering vehicles

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You must pay road traffic insurance tax while you have liability insurance for your vehicle, and you are obliged to have liability insurance while you have plates on your vehicle. If you wish to avoid paying the road traffic insurance tax, you must remember to de-register the vehicle.

The plates are legal documents that both identifies the vehicle and permits its use, and shall be returned to the registration authority when the vehicle is no longer in use.

In order to de-register the vehicle, you must hand in the number plates (registration plates) at one of the Public Roads Administration's traffic stations.

Has your vehicle been de-plated?

If so, it may be because you have not paid the annual motor vehicle tax. Norwegian Customs, the Police and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have the power to de-plate vehicles.

If your vehicle has been de-plated, you can check whether the annual motor vehicle tax has been paid. This only applies to vehicles registered up to and including 31 December 2017.

Other possible reasons for de-plating include:

  • insurance not in order
  • EU checks not in order

In these cases, you must contact the Public Roads Administration.

Additional tax

If you did not register the vehicle in December 2017 and failed to pay the annual motor vehicle tax by 30 January 2018, you will also have to pay a surcharge. This applies even if you have not received an invoice.

You must pay all the fees that are due before you can get your plates back. The Public Roads Administration will hold your number plates. You will have to pay a fee to the Public Roads Administration before you can get your plates back. Read more about plates on the Public Roads Administration’s website

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