Pay annual motor vehicle tax

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Everyone who owns a registered vehicle under 7,500 kg must pay an annual motor vehicle tax. Invoices for this vehicle tax are sent out annually in February. Invoices are sent to the person who owned the vehicle as at 1 January.

The payment deadline for the tax was 20 March 2017.

If you have not received an invoice, you can generate a KID number. Make sure that you use the correct KID number. If you use the wrong KID number, your payment may not be registered.

It is not possible to defer payment of the annual motor vehicle tax. You must pay even if you do not receive an invoice.

How much do I have to pay?

Type of vehicle

Annual motor vehicle tax
Car less then 7500 kg 2820 kroner
Car less then 7500 kg, diesel without factory-installed particle filter 3290 kroner
motorcycle 1960 kroner
Electric car, veteran car, moped, tractor, taxi (with main license) and more. 455 kroner
If you have a vehicle weighing at least 7500 kg, you must pay annual weight-based motor wehicle tax.

Do not combine several invoices

You cannot pay tax for several vehicles with the same invoice. You can also not pay tax for several years on the same invoice.

Invoice directly to your online bank

The Tax Administration will send you the invoice on paper or to your online bank. Skatt øst sends annual vehicle tax bills for the whole country.  

What happens if I am late paying the tax?

If you do not pay annual motor vehicle tax by the payment deadline for any reason, you will have to pay a tax surcharge.

Unpaid demands will be referred to the National Collection Agency, which will collect the amount from the person who owned the vehicle as at 1 January. This means that a compulsory deduction will be made from the previous owner's salary or benefits. The National Collection Agency may also seize assets.

If any taxes remain outstanding by the deadline stated on the reminder, you will be sent a decision concerning the removal of your vehicle's number plates in June. The vehicle's number plates will then be removed during an inspection.


You must pay annual motor vehicle tax even if your vehicle is stolen in 2016. We will automatically refund the tax in the first half of 2017 for the period during which the vehicle was stolen if you reported the theft to the police. You will not receive a refund if the vehicle is recovered within 30 days after it was reported to the police as being stolen. The refund will be paid to the person who was the registered owner of the vehicle at the time it was reported as being stolen.


Annual motor vehicle tax must be paid even if the owner is deceased.

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