Towing of trailers by heavy goods vehicles

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Before you tow a trailer or use a trailer other than the one for which the vehicle is registered, you must notify one of the Public Roads Administration's traffic stations.

You must then register new information about the use of the vehicle. Demands for weight-based annual motor vehicle tax will then be determined by the Tax Administration.

Daily tax rate for occasional trailer use

If you use a trailer on an occasional basis, you can choose to pay a daily rate of 2 percent of the full vehicle tax instead. This also applies if you use a different trailer to the one that the vehicle is registered with.

You can obtain a payment slip from the Tax Administration. The tax must be paid before you can tow a trailer. You must notify the Tax Administration if it is not possible to pay the tax before you tow the trailer.

If you intend towing different trailers, you must use the tax rate applicable to the combination of vehicles which gives the highest tax. This must not be less than the rate for the same vehicle without a trailer.

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