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Other type of use

Persons with a permanent residence in Norway can be granted a permit to import and temporarily use a foreign-registered vehicle.

  • in transit etc. directly from the place of import to the place of export
  • which will be used in connection with emergency operation exercises
  • for short-term use in isolated cases

Examples of short-term use


Here are some examples of when a driving permit may be issued: 

  • To drivers employed by a foreign transport company when the relevant entity does not run such a business in Norway. An application containing the personal details of the employee must be submitted by the employer and a permit may be issued for a duration restricted up to 1 year. The company must collect any transport permit from the relevant authority in its home country. It should be noted that a transport permit is not the same as a driving permit as the former applies to the actual means of transport, while the driving permit is for the duty-free and tax-free use of the motor vehicle in Norway.
  • To replacement drivers on tourist coaches and juggernauts, provided that the foreign driver complies with the provisions concerning driving and rest periods. The company must collect any transport permit from the relevant authority in its home country.
  • As part of sports and similar events, provided that the motor vehicle is not owned or hired by a person, company or institution based in Norway.
  • As part of a major event of national interest, such as European championships, World championships and Olympic Games. In these cases, the motor vehicle does not need to be driven by a specific person.
  • In isolated cases where a person chooses to use a motor vehicle as a means of transport to and from abroad. “Isolated cases” is used to mean up to twice a year. This requires an application for a driving permit for a return journey between the border crossing and dwelling. Such a driving permit will not be granted if regular trips are made between Norway and abroad by, for instance, Norwegian pensioners and students who reside abroad for large periods of the year.

The list is not exhaustive.

You must apply

You must apply for such a permit before the vehicle is imported into Norway. You must log in to Altinn in order to submit your application.

You should allow at least 14 days for your application to be processed.



The rules that apply to duty-free imports and temporary use are laid down in the Regulation relating to duty-free and tax-free import and temporary use of foreign-registered motor vehicles in Norway.

See also the Directorate of Taxes’ remarks concerning the Regulation in the the annual circular for motor vehicle registration tax for additional information.

You can also contact us.

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