Deductions upon importing a vehicle

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When you import a used vehicle, you can obtain a reduction in the one-off registration tax. This is called 'bruksfradrag' (deduction for use). There are two ways of calculating the deduction for use and you are free to decide which method to use.

Deduction for use

You receive a reduction in the one-off registration tax according to the age of the vehicle. A percentage-based deduction is given which increases steadily until the vehicle is 30 years old. The deduction for use is calculated based on the period from the date of first registration of the vehicle abroad, through until the date of first registration of the vehicle in Norway.

Information in the motor vehicle register is used to calculate the tax.

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Alternative method for calculating the deduction for use

You can also use an alternative method to calculate the deduction for use. This will not give you a percentage-based deduction, but a more individual calculation based on price and odometer reading.

The alternative calculation method is more demanding in terms of information and requires a lot of specific information about the vehicle. The Tax Administration is therefore unable to provide specific assessments in advance as to which calculation would be most advantageous.

Remember that once you have applied for the tax to be calculated using the alternative method, it will be binding.

How to apply to use the alternative calculation method

You must register the vehicle and pay the one-off registration tax using the ordinary deduction for use.

You can then apply to have the deduction for use calculated according to the alternative method. The deadline for receipt of applications is 15 working days.

Credit customers: If you have credit for the one-off registration tax, you must inform the traffic station by no later than upon registration. This also applies to those who register vehicles via Autoreg.

Calculate the tax yourself

You can calculate the deduction for use according to either the ordinary or the alternative method using our calculator for importing vehicles.

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