Exemptions from the one-off registration tax

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Exemptions from the one-off registration tax apply for certain vehicle groups. You will be given information on the payment method when you visit a Norwegian Public Roads Administration office to approve and register an individual vehicle.

Vehicles that get the exemption immediately

In most cases, you will be able to have the exemption calculated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration immediately.

You must bring 'Melding til avgiftsberegning og registrering' (form NA-0221) and the following documentation:

  • Ambulances
    Confirmation from the regional health authority that the vehicle must be included in health trust ambulance service
  • Inherited vehicles
    Information letter from the Customs Administration on the import of vehicles as a heirlooms
  • Electrical car and other electrical vehicles
    Requires no additional documentation
  • Hearses
    Attestation from churchwarden, priest or lensmann that the firm operates funeral operations and statement from the funeral on the need for vehicle and statement that they are familiar with the conditions for tax exemption
  • Rally vehicles
    License from Norges Bilsportforbund
  • Taxis
    Ordinary taxi license
  • Embassy vehicles
    Confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (A2 form)
  • NATO vehicles
    Confirmation from NATO
  • Trial/Enduro motorcycles for competition use
    License from Norges Bilsportforbund
  • Vehicles which are to be registered for the first time on Svalbard
    Statement from Governor at Svalbard
  • Veteran vehicles
    Requires no additional documentation

Vehicles that must apply for exemption in advance

In some cases, you will have to apply for an exemption from the one-off registration tax. 

The following documentation must be enclosed for the various vehicle groups:

  • Snowmobile registered under a humanitarian organisation:
    Documentation that the vehicle will be used by a humanitarian organisation as an ambulance
  • Bus registered under an organisation for transporting the disabled
    Statement from social services/health authority concerning the transport need
  • Bus registered under a licence holder (Taxi bus)
    Information on licence, licence number and organisation number of licence holder
  • Specially equipped vehicle for use by the fire service
    Documentation that the vehicle is registered under the fire service
  • Light armoured vehicles for public sector use
    Technical information on degree of protection and information on owner. Registration under a public agency is a requirement.

You must also attach the following documentation:
Information on the vehicle: Manufacturer, model and chassis number

To obtain an exemption from the one-off registration tax, you must apply to the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Changes to exemptions

If the exemption is no longer valid, you must pay the one-off registration tax which is outstanding. Examples of this are taxis, ambulances, hearses which are withdrawn from service before the end of the three-year binding period.  You must then notify the Norwegian Tax Administration.

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