NOx emissions

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The NOx tax is an environmental tax on emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). These emissions contribute to respiratory diseases, ground-level ozone formation and acid precipitation.

New vehicles

You will find information on NOx emissions in the Public Roads Administration's new vehicle selector.

Used vehicles

The vehicle must be approved by the Public Roads Administration. The vehicle 's NOx emissions will then be registered in the central motor vehicle database. It is this NOx data that the Tax Administration will use when calculating the one-off registration tax. In the case of vehicles for which there is no NOx data in Autosys, we use the NOx emissions stipulated in the table below.

Initial registration abroad Stipulated basis for tax (mg/km)
  Petrol Diesel
on or after 01.01.2011 (corresponds to Euro 5) 60 180
01.01.2006 – 31.12.2010 (corresponds to Euro 4) 80 250
31.12.2005 or earlier (corresponds to Euro 3 and older) 150 500


The tax is calculated per kilogram of actual emissions of nitrogen dioxides (NOx). The rate for 2015 is NOK 19.19 per kilogram. Read more about the NOx tax.

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