Scrapping a vehicle

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If you scrap your vehicle by certain deadlines, you may be entitled to a reduction in your annual motor vehicle tax or avoid having to pay it altogether.

Annual motor vehicle tax by scrapping of car

Important dates:

    • 1 January - 20 March: If you scrap your vehicle by 20 March, you will not have to pay the tax. If you receive an invoice for annual motor vehicle tax, you will not need to pay it. If you have already paid the invoice, you will receive a refund for the tax.
    • 21 March - 30 June: If you scrap the vehicle between 21 March and 30 June inclusive, half the tax will be refunded. The amount will be refunded to the registered owner of the vehicle at the time it was scrapped.
    • If you scrap the vehicle after 30 June, you will not receive any refund for annual motor vehicle tax.

Different scrapping deadlines apply to vehicles which are being registered for the first time or which will be re-registered after being de-registered.

When you scrap your vehicle at an authorised treatment facility, you will be given documentation verifying that the vehicle has been scrapped. The treatment facility will send the necessary documentation to the Tax Administration, and you will be automatically refunded the vehicle tax

Vehicle scrap deposit

Vehicle scrap deposit is provided twice a month. Depending on the day the car was delivered, it will take 1-3 weeks before the money is in your account.The vehicle scrap deposit is NOK 3,000 in 2016.

Where can I scrap my car?

See list of approved wreck sites

When delivering your car, the hallmark must be documented with for example registration document, receipt submitted signboards or insurance papers.


Condemning a vehicle is not the same as scrapping it and does not give any entitlement to a reduction in vehicle tax. Condemning a vehicle means declaring that it is unusable. This is a matter between you and your insurance company, e.g. following an accident and damage to the vehicle.

Scrapping abroad and incorrect registration

Scrapping can be paid for vehicles scrapped within the EEA. You must document scrapping  from approved wrecks site.

If you need to inform us of an erroneously scrapped vehicle or a vehicle which has been scrapped abroad or if you have any other other enquiries concerning scrapping, you can contact us.

Weight and scrapping

Weight and scrapping can be contacted via telephone number (+47) 75 54 66 00.

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