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Here, you can create a KID number for paying VAT.

You can create a KID number for use when paying VAT. You can use this number if you do not have a KID available in or you have not received payment information from the tax office.

We use organisation numbers to determine who has paid, and periods to determine which claims must be paid.

If a business has several organisation numbers, you must use the organisation number that is associated with the VAT obligation.

The payment may be delayed if you enter the wrong KID number, organisation number or period when paying.

Pay to:        

Merverdiavgift - Skatte- og avgiftsregnskap
Postboks 38,  4891 Grimstad

Account number with a KID number: 7694 05 18888

IBAN no.: NO5876940518888

If you do not have an account with a Norwegian bank, you must use the following IBAN/SWIFT address:  BIC/SWIFT: DNBANOKK.

Account number without a KID number: 7694 05 17075

IBAN no.: NO2476940517075


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