Information about contracts, contractors and employees

All contracts given to a foreign contractor onshore or offshore must be reported in the Assignment and employee register.

It’s the client’s duty to report the assignment. The foreign contractor is obliged to report the employees that work on the assignment.

Log in and complete and submit the form

Assignment and employee register


The client must inform the Norwegian Tax Administration about all contracts and sub-contracts given to a foreign company or person when the value of the assignment exceeds NOK 20,000.

Assignments given by private individuals, cabotage and assignments carried out on Svalbard are exempt.


The contractor must provide information about all employees that work on assignments in Norway or on the continental shelf. The Tax Administration will issue d numbers and tax deduction cards according to the information given on form RF-1198.

Access to the portal

You must log in with an electronic ID.

You must have "read access" to form RF-1199/RF-1198 in Altinn for the organization number registered on the assignment in order to view reported information in the register. If you’re going to report information, you must have "write access". The accesses are assigned in Altinn.

The portal provide a simple overview of all reported assignments and employees that work on the assignment.