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How to fill in the tax return for sole proprietorships

This overview gives you answers to how to submit the tax return via Altinn for sole proprietorships (ENK).

A sole proprietorship is an organisational structure where a “natural person”, i.e. a human being, is responsible for a business activity.

How to do this

There are a number of things you should do before you start:

  • Close your bookkeeping for the previous year and keep the documentation available.
  • Prepare additional information. For instance, if the sole proprietorship owns a car, you have to enter some additional information. You need your vehicle logbook for this.
  • Find last year's income statement, if relevant.

  • Select the tax return in your Altinn inbox.

Before you start the submission process, you may find the following information useful: 

If your tax affairs are simple, you may use the Business Tax Return.


Enter information about your sole proprietorship.

You can attach a number of forms. Which forms you need to complete depend on the industry you belong to, and whether you have any tax affairs that require additional information. The two most common attachments are:


For Income Statement Tax

If you submit the Business Tax return, the most common additional forms are included in the solution.

For Income Statement 1

The tax return is pre-completed. If you have completed the income statement correctly, the tax return will automatically be completed with business income and wealth.

For Business Tax Return

Once you have completed the Business Tax Return, you must confirm that the figures should be transferred to the tax return. You must then go to your tax return in order to check it and complete the submission process.

The deadline is 31 May.

When you've submitted your tax return and the Tax Administration has processed it, you'll receive your tax assessment notice.

Self-employed persons and their spouses will receive their tax assessment notices between August and mid-October.