Pilot for new tax return for businesses

The Tax Administration is working to simplify the tax return for businesses. In 2022, the Tax Administration will run a pilot for private limited companies that have opted out of audits and that submit the tax return for the 2021 income year from an accounting or annual accounts system.

Important information

On this page, you can keep up-to-date about the pilot. We’ll update the information that is important to you as a pilot participant.

The main purpose of the pilot is to test the new solution and get experience and feedback before all businesses start using the solution.

This is new in the pilot

The pilot will test the submission of the tax return together with the new business information. In time, this submission will replace all of today’s income statements and attachment forms.

You must check with the supplier whether your accounting system or annual accounts system covers the areas in the new solution.

The total range of areas equals the areas that were earlier covered by these forms:

  • RF-1028 Skattemelding for formues- og inntektsskatt aksjeselskaper mv
  • RF-1167 Næringsoppgave 2
  • RF-1359 Gevinst, tap, utbytte på aksjer og andre finansielle produkter
  • RF-1084 Avskrivninger på driftsmidler
  • RF-1219 Gevinst og tapskonto
  • RF-1125 Bruk av bil
  • RF-1052 Avstemming av egenkapital
  • RF-1217 Forskjeller mellom regnskaps- og skattemessige verdier
  • RF-1122 Overnattings- og serveringssted
  • RF-1098 Formue av næringseiendom
  • RF-1223 Drosje og godstransportnæring

A new validation service provides feedback directly in the accounting/annual account system in the event of illogical numbers and differences in the tax return, so that you can correct errors before submission.

You’ll receive feedback if, for example,

  • there are discrepancies between the annual result and the total taxable value for the business.
  • you’ve forgotten to add information, for example, if you have not entered the realisation date for a fixed asset in the enterprise.

You’ll find an overview of where the items in the form belong in the new tax return.

In the overviews you’ll find

  • what the fields in the RF-forms are called in the new tax return
  • which fields are discontinued or are now calculated automatically
  • which fields are new

See items, fields and topics in the new tax return (in Norwegian only)



Skattemeldingen for selskapet kan bare redigeres i regnskaps- og årsoppgjørssystemet ditt.

I programmet kan du enten

  • sende skattemeldingen inn direkte, eller
  • sende den til Altinn for gjennomgang.

Hvis du sender den til Altinn for gjennomgang, må du, eller en annen som har rettigheter på selskapets vegne, se gjennom skattemeldingen i Altinn og sende inn derfra. Det kan ikke gjøres endringer i visningen i Altinn.

The following roles are supported in the pilot:

  • Private tax affairs (A0282)
  • Limited signing rights (SISKD)
  • Limited signing rights (A0239)

Read more about roles and access control on Altinn.no


Help to get it right

If you’re participating in the pilot and need to show documentation, you can print the tax return in Altinn.

If you have any questions about how to enter this information in your accounting system or annual accounts system, you must contact your supplier.


These are participating in the pilot

The pilot is carried out in cooperation with suppliers of accounting and annual accounts systems. The suppliers make the solution available in varying ways in their systems.

You must contact your supplier to find out if you can participate in the pilot.

See video:

Subtitles available in Norwegian, Sami, English, Polish and Lithuanian.

Like the tax return for wage earners and pensioners, all forms will be removed and replaced with topics. See movie that displays the new tax return for wage earners and pensioners.

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