Register your enterprise as subject to excise tax

To register as subject to excise tax, you must submit your application no later than one month before the production or import starts.

How to apply

You must apply for registration as subject to excise tax no later than one month before production or import starts.

If you need to make changes or wish to deregister as being subject  to submit tax returns or pay excise tax, you should also use the same form.

The application must include the following information:

  • production and warehouse premises (drawings) and the location of the premises
  • the types of goods that are to be produced or stored
  • when production or storage will start
  • stock
  • budgeted and current turnover
  • magnitude of imports and receipt of goods subject to excise tax
  • accounting routines and stock-keeping
  • who will be responsible for ongoing payments of the tax
  • any customs credit number
  • organisation number
  • street and postal address
  • any licence, concession or statements concerning conduct.

You will need these access roles in Altinn

To submit excise tax returns in Elsær 2.0, you will need one of the following Altinn roles:

The service requires you to log in via the ID portal (security level 3 or higher).