You now need to submit the a-melding via

If you do not have a payroll system, you must submit the a-melding via You must not use Altinn (A01) to submit the a-melding.

Form A06

Reconciliation information (A06)

The reconciliation report summarises the information you have submitted in one or more a-meldings. Order a report to check what information you have submitted.

About this form

The form is used to order reconciliation reports with a summary of the information you have submitted in one or more a-meldings.

State the year and month that the report is to cover.

After you have ordered the report, "A07 a-melding avstemming" (A07 a-melding reconciliation) will be sent to your "Inbox".

Anyone who has submitted a-meldings can order a reconciliation report.

To order a report, you will need one of the following roles in Altinn:  

  • Reporter/sender
  • Accountant with signing rights
  • Accountant without signing rights
  • Accountant salary
  • Responsible auditor
  • Accountant employee
  • Contact person NUF

This section contains more information and a list of all Altinn roles.

You can check which roles you have for an actor on the page entitled Profile. If you do not have the necessary rights, you must get someone who has the role to delegate it to you.

If you are not familiar with reporting in Altinn, go to the help pages.This section contains a list of all Altinn roles

The reconciliation report will contain information on:

  • employer's National Insurance contributions
  • payroll withholding tax
  • income information for each enterprise you have reported income for
  • registered pension scheme (only version 2.2 or later)

You can also order information per income recipient concerning:

  • employment
  • income
  • deductions
  • payroll withholding tax

When you order a report for a single month, you will also receive a summary of employment information.

Note that attachment of earnings is not included in the report.