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Form RF-1141

Gevinst og tap på aksjer og andeler ved utflytting

Oppgaven skal leveres av personlige skattytere, inkludert personlige næringsdrivende, for latente gevinster og tap på aksjer og parter e.l ved opphør av skattemessig bosted i Norge.

This form is part of the tax return. You log in and complete it electronically. If you are an employee or pensioner submitting the tax return on paper, you can use this form. However, if you submit on paper you will not receive the tax settlement until August at the earliest.

Self-employed persons and limited liability companies (AS) must log in and submit the tax return and all forms electronically.

Self-employed persons and businesses can use the paper form as a preparation and a guide to complete the form.


Hjelp til utfylling

Skjema på papir

Tidligere års skjema og rettledning

You can use the older forms as a guide if you need to change something in previously submitted tax returns.

You can still change and re-submit your tax return for wage earners and pensioners and the tax return for sole proprietorships with forms attached for  2017 and 2018 if you discover errors, or if you've received new or delayed information.