Form RF-0009

Tax return for VAT compensation

This return can be submitted by municipal authorities, county councils, inter-municipal companies, nurseries, parish councils, private and non-profit enterprises which fulfil the municipal authority’s statutory responsibilities within health, social services and education.

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Claims for compensation can only be submitted within the deadlines specified below. After the deadline, changes can only be made to a previous submission (through a corrected return), the amount must be less than the previous return (i.e. the claim is reduced) and the auditor should not certify.

Claims for compensation that are not included in the correct period, may for certain enterprises be requested in the compensation return for the next period. A new period is opened approximately 40 days prior to the deadline. Please note the special deadlines set out in the VAT Compensation Act section 10.

Submission deadlines

Submission every other month:

  • 1st period 10 April
  • 2nd period 10 June
  • 3rd period 31 August
  • 4th period 10 October
  • 5th period 10 December
  • 6th period 10 February

Submitting via a data system

This form cannot be submitted to Altinn via an end user system.

Change returns for 2016 or previous

To change or correct submitted returns for 2016 or previous years, use RF-0009 Merverdiavgift (mva/moms) - søknad om kompensasjon.