Form RF-1189

Letting etc. of real property

The form must be submitted by all persons who let real property (also property outside Norway) if the rents are taxable, except if the letting is a part of business activities included in their income statement. The form must be submitted for the letting of land, e.g. agricultural areas or plots of land.

The form must also be submitted when the new owner provides benefits derived from the property in form of right of occupancy outside agriculture and forestry.

This form is part of the tax return. You log in and complete it electronically

If you are an employee or pensioner not submitting the tax return electronically but on paper, you can use this form. However, if you submit on paper you will not receive the tax settlement until August at the earliest.

If you are a business or self-employed person, you have to submit the tax return and all forms electronically.

If you are submitting your tax return on paper, you can use this form.

All businesses must submit the tax return and all related forms electronically.
You can use this paper form to prepare, or as support when filling in the form on-line.

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