Paternity and parental responsibility

If you are married at the time of the birth, the husband will automatically be deemed the child's father.

If you are separated or not married, the father must declare paternity. This can be done during the pregnancy, in connection with the birth, or after the birth.

The father can declare paternity at the following locations:

  • The tax office
  • Nav or a justice
  • Midwife or a doctor in relation to a pregnancy check-up
  • At the hospital in connection with the birth
  • At a Norwegian diplomatic or consular official, if the father is abroad

If the person who declares the paternity is not registered as the father in the birth notification, the mother must approve the paternity.

Parental responsibility

These will automatically be given joint parental responsibility:

  • Married parents
  • Cohabitants registered living at the same address in the National Registry at the time of the birth. This applies for children born in and after 2006.

In other instances (including children born before 2006), the mother will be given sole parental responsibility, unless the parents have a cohabitation agreement or an agreement on joint parental responsibility.

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