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Published: 26/05/2017

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This wizard provides guidance and information for those who meet the conditions for the right to use a foreign-registered vehicle in Norway.

The main rule is:

  • If you have a permanent residence outside Norway or a temporary residence in Norway, you can import and temporarily use a foreign-registered in Norway without paying taxes or duties.
  • If you have a permanent residence in Norway, you can only use a foreign-registered vehicle in certain cases.

You must first answer between two and eight questions to find out which rules apply to you.

The wizard provides general guidance based on your answers. The information you receive is therefore not a binding answer from us.

What does the “use” of a vehicle mean?

The term “use” means any form of use. This means that, in addition to actual use of the vehicle, the term also covers physical and actual opportunities to use the vehicle. In addition, it also encompasses:

  • storage
  • display
  • repairs
  • sale

This means that storing or permanently keeping a foreign-registered vehicle in a garage is also considered to constitute “use”. 

Which vehicles are covered by the regulations?

The vehicles which are covered by the regulations include cars, vans, motorhomes, motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). In addition, the regulations also cover trailers and caravans, either on their own or in combination with a vehicle.

Leaving the vehicle behind

You must generally take the vehicle with you when you leave Norway. However, you can leave the vehicle in Norway for up to six weeks in every 12 months.

Documentation and consequences of a breach of the regulations

You should note that you must be able to document at all times that you fulfil the conditions for using a foreign-registered vehicle in Norway. If you do not follow the rules, you must pay taxes, and you may also have to pay additional tax.

Additional information


For more information concerning the regulations for using a foreign-registered vehicle in Norway, see:

Can this wizard be improved?

You can help us to make the wizard better by sending us a message. We are unable to respond to specific questions regarding your situation, so if you need help and personal guidance concerning the rules for the use of foreign-registered vehicles in Norway, you must contact us via other channels.

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