Pay the one-off registration tax

Here, you can log in and search for your vehicle and then calculate how much one-off registration tax and scrap deposit tax you’ll have to pay.

Once this has been done, you can pay either directly from the website or through your online bank.

Nedetid/ustabilitet i løsningen

På grunn av oppgradering og migrering av Skatteetatens systemer vil det ikke være mulig å betale omregistreringsavgift eller engangsavgift i disse periodene:

  • Søndag 25. september fra kl. 08:00 til kl. 18:00
  • Torsdag 29. september fra kl. 18:00 til 20:00
Important information

When you log in and pay the one-off registration tax, you’ll be considered the declarer of the vehicle. This means that you’re the one who’s responsible for the one-off registration tax.

Any person who wants to use the Tax Administration’s payment solution on behalf of an enterprise must have the relevant rights in Altinn.

Checking rights

It is possible to check who has which rights both in your own profile in Altinn and in the Tax Administration’s self-service solution.

Allocating rights

Rights must be allocated by someone in the enterprise with signing rights in Altinn.

You can see previously paid one-off registration taxes/registration transfer fees and download a receipt (reconciliation report).

Please note that you will not find receipts for taxes/fees that you’ve paid at the bank or via online banking. You’ll only find payments that are made directly on our website and paid with VISA or BankAxess.

Log in:

If you use the Autosys service for dealers and need to use the payment service, we recommend that you log in through the Autosys service for dealers.

User guide (in Norwegian only):

Brukerveiledning for Skatteetatens betalingsløsning via Autosys Kjøretøy Bransjeløsning (PDF)

This payment service is only available for vehicles that has never been registered in Norway.

If you have a vehicle that you’re re-importing to Norway, you must contact us.