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Recalculation of one-off registration tax

If you think that the calculated one-off registration tax is incorrect, you can apply for a recalculation. In most cases, errors or lack of data in the Register of Motor Vehicles are the reason for the incorrect calculation. First, you must therefore contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The Norwegian Tax Administration calculates the one-off registration tax on the basis of data transferred from the Register of Motor Vehicles. In order to secure correct registration of the one-off registration tax, the information in the Register of Motor Vehicles must be correct.

This is what you must do

  1. Contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to correct the information.
  2. Apply for recalculation of one-off registration tax. You can do this electronically:

If your business participates in the pilot of the Tax Administration’s new tax system, it is sufficient to complete step 1.

This is what you must include in your application

  • The reason why you want the tax recalculated
  • The vehicle’s registration number
  • What technical data have been changed and why
  • Bank account number in case of a refund of the one-off registration tax

Only the applicant can apply for a recalculation.