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ID controls

An ID control is a check of a person’s identity and identity documents. The Norwegian Tax Administration offers ID controls at 42 selected tax offices.

To undergo an ID control, you must attend in person and present your identity document(s). Which documents you need to provide will depend on your citizenship and the basis for your residence in Norway.

  • Passport or national ID card containing a photograph of you and indicating your citizenship and gender. If you are moving to Norway from another Nordic country, a valid driving licence will also be accepted together with an extract from the National Registry of the country you are moving from that indicates your citizenship and gender. The extract must be dated and no more than three months old. It must also be signed and stamped.
  • Children under the age of 18 can present a birth certificate/extract from the register of births from a Nordic country together with a passport photograph and an extract from their home country’s National Registry which shows their citizenship and gender. The extract must be no more than three months old. It must also be signed and stamped.

  • Passport or national ID card containing a photograph of you and stating your citizenship and gender.

  • Passport

  • Asylum seekers and resettlement refugees without refugee status
  • Refugees, including resettlement refugees with refugee status
  • Persons seeking a family reunion with a refugee
  • Persons with residence based on compelling humanitarian reasons
  • Persons with a period of reflection (victim of human trafficking)
  • Persons who have been granted a residence permit and are NOT able to obtain a passport from their home country's authorities

If you belong to one of the following groups, you can prove your identity by presenting one of the following identity documents:

  • Norwegian Schengen-standardised residence card
  • Refugee travel document issued by Norwegian authorities
  • Norwegian card for asylum seeker, in combination with an extract from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration's residence status system ("UDI oppholdsstatus")
  • Travel document for emergencies  within its validity period with a Schengen visa
  • Travel document for emergencies with a Schengen visa which is outside its validity period but which has been endorsed by the police to indicate that it may be presented to the authorities responsible for the National Registry as a valid identity document
  • Immigrant's passport issued by the Norwegian authorities


Your identity may be registered as having been either verified or not verified. Information regarding whether your identity has been verified will be registered in the National Registry and will be made available to public and private sector organisations that use the National Registry.

  • Verified

An identity and identity document check has been carried out through personal attendance  at one of 42 selected tax offices.

  • Not verified

Used in cases where a person’s identity has not been verified.

Whether or not your identity has been registered as verified in the National Registry  may determine whether you can claim certain entitlements. It is the public agency or private organisation that offers a service that determines whether your identity must be verified in order for you to gain access to their services. Any questions concerning this matter must be addressed to the agency/organisation concerned.