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Residence certificate

A residence certificate provides proof of where you live and how long you have lived there. You need a residence certificate if you have to enclose proof of where you are living when you send in an application to a national, regional or local authority. A residence certificate also documents the date on which you took up residence at your address.

Due to the coronavirus situation, our capacity to issue certificates requiring stamps and signatures will be limited

Please only order the certificate if it is strictly necessary. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an estimated delivery time. The delivery time will be longer than stated for the various certificates.

If you have a D number, you cannot order a residence certificate

A residence certificate can only be sent to persons who have a national identity number and who are registered as residents in Norway.

Dersom du trenger bekreftelse på bosted i forbindelse med innreise til Norge under koronapandemien, kan du se hvilken dokumentasjon du kan bruke hos Utlendingsdirektoratet (UDI).

Who can obtain a residence certificate?

Residence certificates are only issued at the request of:

  • The person that the certificate concerns
  • The spouse/registered partner
  • An immediate relative (must be able to document that he or she has a justifiable need for the certificate)
  • Public authority
  • Guardian or assistant guardian

Residence certificates are not issued to people who are registered as emigrated.

You can order on behalf of your entire family

You can obtain a joint residence certificate for yourself and your entire family (spouse/child), provided that the parents in the family are married.

Unmarried couples must obtain separate residence certificates (as they have different family numbers). For unmarried couples with joint children, the children will normally appear on the mother’s residence certificate.

If both have a child or children from a previous relationship, each child will appear on the residence certificate of the respective parent.

Residence certificates show a maximum of two generations, meaning that grandparents and a child or siblings will not appear on the same certificate.

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) control of residence

A residence certificate is not approved by Lånekassen in the control of residence of students that have stated that they live away from their parents. For more information, see Lånekassen.

You can view your own information in the National Population Register at My page.

Important - when ordering certificates

The certificate will be sent to your address as registered in the National Registry.

  • We do not send certificates by e-mail.
  • We do not issue certificate printouts to you in person at the tax office.

Generally, processing time is 3 days after the date the request is received. In addition, your must allow for postal delivery time.

Printouts are issued with and without a stamp and signature.

Using the certificate abroad

If the certificate is to be used abroad, you must send it to the County Governor to apply an apostille or The Ministry of Foreign Affairs who legalises certificates. You must inform which country you need to use the certificate in. Read more about apostille and legalisation.