Tips concerning possible errors or discrepancies in the National Population Register for private individuals

When a discrepancy is detected in the National Population Register, please send us a tip so that we can investigate and register any changes. For private individuals.

Download, fill out and send us. (The form in Norwegian)

The form for tip to the National Registry

The discrepancy form is used for discrepancies concerning third parties. If the discrepancy concerns your own circumstances as a private individual, we ask you to fill out the relevant form (for instance change of address notification, notification of change of name) or contact us through contact us form.

Send the form to the following address:

Tips om avvikende opplysninger
Postboks 9200 Grønland
0134 OSLO

Please note that the National Population Register does not correct past circumstances (for instance address history), and that tips should concern discrepancies in what is currently registered.

All information submitted will be checked before the National Population Register is updated. The Tax Administration receives and processes all tips concerning discrepancies, and your tip will be processed in accordance with rules and routines for the National Population Register and the Public Administration Act.

Due to the confidentiality obligation, the National Population Register cannot provide you with feedback concerning the result of your tip, as we have limited options to disclose information about anyone other than yourself.


You can enclose evidence with the tips form. If you, for instance, provide a tip that someone is incorrectly registered at your address, but you do not own the residence, please enclose a confirmation from the owner of the residence.