Property unit number (dwelling number)

You must always state the property unit number in your change of address notification.

The unit number (formerly also called dwelling number) is part of your official address, and indicates which flat in the building you live in.


The unit number consists of:

  • one letter
  • four numbers

The letter indicates if you live on U (the lower floor), K (basement), H (main floor) or L (top floor). Combined with the letter, the first two numbers indicate which floor you live on. The subsequent two numbers indicate your flat number on this floor.

For example, H0301 means that the property is on the third floor (03), first door to the left (01).

Detached houses with only one residential unit always have unit number H0101.

When we know your unit number, you’ll make it easier for the police, fire and ambulance services to find your flat quickly in an emergency.

How can I find my unit number?

You can find your unit number on the address label that’s normally stuck on or next to the door. In some cases, it may be stuck on the inside of the doorframe leading into the apartment.

If you do not know your unit number, you can contact your local municipal authority. If you rent a flat, you should contact your lessor or the owner of the property.

You can find more information on the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s website.

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