Registering a death

When someone dies, the hospital or a doctor will issue a death certificate. A death certificate is a form of medical certificate about deaths.

As the nearest relative of someone who has died, you must ensure that the death certificate is sent to both the district court and the local police (sheriff) in the municipality in which the deceased person lived. The funeral directors will normally help you to do this.

The district court will notify the National Registry of the death.

Division of inheritance

The reason why the death certificate must be sent to the district court is that the district court is responsible for dividing the estate of the deceased person. The division of a deceased person's estate means the distribution of the inheritance, i.e. what the deceased person left behind.

The local district courts are responsible for dividing up a deceased person's estate

Death register? is not a searchable register of deceased people. 

More about deaths

Children who are stillborn after at least 28 weeks' pregnancy will be registered in a separate stillborn register in the National Registry.

This will be done on the basis of a notification sent by the hospital to the Tax Administration.

The child will not be allocated a national ID number.

The hospital will send a birth notification to the Tax Administration. Even if we receive the notification after the children has died, the child will still be registered in the National Registry.

As regards the registration of the death itself, this must be done in the normal way, based on the notification from the district court/local police (sheriff).

When a Norwegian citizen dies abroad, the Norwegian foreign service mission in the country in which the person died must send the death certificate to the Directorate of Taxes.

The death will then be registered in the National Registry.

If the deceased was registered as being resident in Norway, the Directorate of Taxes will send the death certificate to the district court where the deceased was last registered as being resident.