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Why have I not received my tax assessment notice?

This year, most wage earners and pensioners will receive their tax assessment some time during the period April to June. 

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a specific date for when you’ll receive your tax assessment notice. We cannot provide this information even if you visit a tax office or call us.

If you did not receive your tax assessment notice on 24 June, your next chance is on 19 August. From then on, tax assessment notices will be sent out on an ongoing basis until October.

There can be several reasons why you’ve not yet received your tax assessment notice.

To put it simply, the more complicated your tax return is, and the more attachments, the longer it will take to process it.

There might be several reasons why you have not received your tax assessment notice. For example:

  • Only those who submit the new tax return will receive their assessment before 24 June
  • You did not submit your tax return before 30 April
  • You submitted your tax return on paper
  • You've sent attachments to the tax return
  • You’re self-employed or married to a self-employed person
  • You applied for an extended deadline
  • You’ve been picked for a random check The Tax Administration carries out random checks, and so the tax returns selected for these checks are chosen randomly.
  • You’ve not included all the required property information in your tax return. You can make changes/add information and re-submit your tax return
  • You pay withholding tax on pension. Your tax assessment notice will be ready with the final batch in October. 
  • You’re a non-personal taxpayer (for instance a limited liability company). 
  • You’re a foreign worker and taxed under the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme. We’ll send you a receipt for PAYE tax, which shows how much You pay withholding tax on pension. Your tax assessment notice will be ready with the final batch in October. 
  • You’ve claimed special allowances for inability to pay tax.
  • The Tax Administration needs more documentation from you, e.g. of foreign relations or business income.
  • Your tax assessment is ready, but your contact information is incorrect; you have therefore not received your tax assessment notice. Go to My page to check your contact information.
  • Your spouse will receive his/her tax assessment notice late. If you’re married, you'll not receive your tax assessment notice until both your own and your spouse’s tax returns have been processed.

If you've not received your tax refunds

  • You owe money to the state/municipality from earlier. If you owe money to the public authorities, any overpaid tax can be used to cover these debts. Read more about offsetting.
  • The money has been paid to another account than expected, or they've been sent by payment card. You can check on My page how we pay you.
  • You have not overpaid tax this year. You’ll not receive any money if you’ve not overpaid tax. View your tax assessment to see if you've underpaid or overpaid tax.