The Shareholder’s tax report

Form For the income year 2016

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In mid-March, all shareholders will receive a “Shareholder's tax report”. This report presents a summary of your shares in Norwegian and foreign companies registered on Oslo Stock Exchange. The report also includes equity certificates in Norwegian savings banks.

The Shareholder’s tax report is intended to help you determine the correct taxable amounts, and to help you claim the deductions you are entitled to on your share income.


  • You must check the report before completing your tax return: Check this.
  • You need only submit the report if you have amended it.
  • If you have any shares or holdings which are not listed in the “Shareholder's tax report”, you must complete and submit form RF-1059 Aksjer og fondsandeler (Shares and units in funds etc. – in Norwegian only). This applies to both Norwegian and foreign shares. You will find form RF-1059 integrated in the electronic submission service.

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