Dekor lav

Security and privacy

You can only apply for a subsidy from the government’s Salary Compensation Scheme to bring back your laid off employees via The website solution for is the same as the one used for the Tax Administration’s website

When the application form becomes available in autumn 2020, you must identify yourself in the ID-porten before accessing the application form. You will receive a notification from Altinn when your application has been processed.

We will never ask you to provide your security codes, bank or credit card information via text message, e-mail or social media, nor will we send you unsolicited links via such channels. We will never send you attachments nor ask for copies of ID documents via text message or e-mail.

Only specific (specified) individuals may apply for a subsidy on behalf of an enterprise. Do not let other seemingly well-meaning services or persons complete the log in and the application for you.

You must always use your own electronic ID to identify yourself in the ID-porten. Do not share it with anyone. Always check that the address in your browser is correct before you enter security codes or login information.

What to do if you suspect fraud

If you have received fraudulent text messages, e-mails or social media scams:

  1. Never disclose any of the information that is requested, and do not send a reply. Do not click on any links or attachments if you suspect they are fraudulent.
  2. Please forward any suspicious text messages or e-mails related to the Compensation Scheme to [email protected]. This will help us uncover new forms of fraud faster.

Read more about phishing and fraud at the Norwegian Tax Administration’s website


The Norwegian Tax Administration uses Google Analytics to collect and analyse information about how visitors use the Compensation Scheme. Google Analytics uses cookies.

As the data controller for the Compensation Scheme, the Norwegian Tax Administration decides which information Google may collect related to the website activity on Google Analytics will only receive general web statistics, for example the browser type, time of day, language and which website the user came from.

In accordance with standard Internet practice, the user’s IP address is registered by the website ( However, the Norwegian Tax Administration has chosen to add a script that will remove the last digits in your IP address before the information is stored by Google Analytics. This allows the web analytics service to estimate the user’s geographical position, but the address cannot be used to identify the individual user.

The information we receive fall under Google’s privacy policy.