Dekor lav

Changing your application or appealing a decision

Making changes 

If you have submitted an application and you discover it contained incorrect information or was incomplete, you must submit a new application 

This also applies if something has changed after the application has been approved and the subsidy amount has been paid to you. In this case, the Tax Administration will either collect or pay out the difference. You will receive a separate invoice for this. 

It is the most recently submitted application that applies. 


If you believe the decision you received is incorrect, you may appeal the decision within six weeks of receiving the letter with the decision.  

You must include the following in your appeal: 

  • The grounds for the appeal. Include all information that you think will be relevant for assessing your appeal. You do not have to submit documentation of your information with the appeal, but you must be able to provide this documentation if we ask you to. 
  • A description of the changes you wish to be made.  

We will consider your appeal. We will send you updates on what will happen next in the enterprise’s Altinn inbox. 

If we grant your appeal, we will change our decision. 

If we do not grant your appeal, we will send it to be processed by the Norwegian Directorate of Taxes, which is the appellate authority. If the Directorate of Taxes grants your appeal, we will change our decision. If the Directorate of Taxes does not grant your appeal, it will be rejected and this decision is final. 

Coverage of legal costs 

If we grant your appeal, you may be entitled to coverage of some of the costs you incurred in connection with your appeal. If you think you are entitled to such coverage, send us a written request.