Form RF-1242

Income statement for visual artists

The form must be submitted electronically as an attachment to the tax return by visual artists who are not subject to an accounting obligation pursuant to the Accounting Act.

Forms in Norwegian only.

Self-employed persons and limited companies (AS) must log in and submit the tax return and all forms electronically.

Self-employed persons can use the paper form below to prepare and as a guide to complete the form.

If you're subject to an accounting obligation pursuant to the Accounting Act, you must submit RF-1167 Income Statement 2 instead. This applies if the business is a private limited company, a shared liability partnership, a limited partnership etc.

Self-employed persons (sole proprietorships) have an accounting obligation if the business has had assets worth over NOK 20 million or an average number of employees exceeding 20 full-time equivalents during the year. 

Sole proprietorships that prepare annual financial statements in accordance with the provision of limited accounting obligation in the Accounting Act section 3-2b can opt to submit Income Statement 5 rather than Income Statement 2 (RF-1167).

All forms and guidelines in norwegian only.

Guidance to completing the form

Paper forms

Paper forms and guidance for previous years


You can use the earlier versions as support if you need to make changes in previously submitted tax returns.

The tax return for wage earners/pensioners, and the tax return for sole proprietorships with attachment forms for 2018, 2017 or 2016 you can still change and submit, if you discover errors or receive new or delayed information.